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Note: VILA has been dormant for some time, and in September 1998, was dis-affiliated from the Libertarian Party of Canada. Much of the material here is therefore now of historical interest only, as the organization is now for all practical purposes dead.

Welcome to the Vancouver Island Libertarian Association (VILA).

The Vancouver Island Libertarian Association is a riding association established in 1993 to represent the Libertarian Party of Canada on Vancouver Island. VILA aims to further libertarian goals through political, educational, and practical means. This Web Page is provided to give you an overview of our organization, and to guide you to other libertarian resources worldwide. To become a member of VILA and the Libertarian Party of Canada, one must sign the Statement of Principles.

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VILA has been dormant for a while, but here are are some things that VILA members have been involved in:

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Vancouver Island Libertarian Association
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October 18, 1998